Approve Multiple Items in SharePoint 2013

If you need to approve multiple items in SharePoint 2013, follow the below steps:

Go to Site Settings

Under “Site Administration” click on “Content and structure logs”

When the page open, click on your document library on left pane

On right pane, click on “All Documents” and choose “Pending Approval” to change the view.

9 thoughts on “Approve Multiple Items in SharePoint 2013

  1. Hi,is it possible in sharepoint services.My requirement is with single click all pending requests has to be checked to approve the docs same as above.But i am using sharepoint 3.0.Please suggest any other alternatives

  2. do you have an alternate suggestion for SharePoint Foundation 2013?
    1) i do not want end users going to Site Settings
    2) i do not have “Content and structure logs” link in Site Administration.

    • There is no alternate way unless you have to write a custom code to do this.

      you can develop a custom ribbon action and behind this button you approve all selected items.

  3. Its a lot easier and user with Approval right can do it, Select items you need to approve or reject(check mark on the left)=>in Ribbon Select ITEMS, Select Approve/Reject (at the end on the right)

  4. Approving in bulk was very easy in SP2010. Why is it now so difficult? This makes no sense.

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